Winnipeg Block Parent members are required to complete an initial application to the province's Child Abuse Registry. This application may be made by completing the CAR application form mailed to you from the Block Parent office or by filling out a copy of this form that is provided to you electronically by clicking here.


1. Every member of the household 18 years and older must complete the Child Abuse Registry (CAR) form and the Block Parent Application.

2. There is no charge.

3. Please date and sign page 1 of the CAR application form.

4. Complete page 2, section B only.

5. When complete, return the form to the Block Parent Office at the following address:


Block Parent Progarm of Winnipeg, Inc.

460 Gertrude Avenue

Winnipeg, MB

R3L 0M8

Phone/fax: 204-284-7562




For further information about the CAR application, you may visit

For a reminder about the application process, we have provided you with this tracker.