Block Parent Application Process

To become a member of the Winnipeg Block Parent community, you must complete a three-stage process:

  1.  submit a Block Parent application form
  2.  complete a police records check
  3.  complete a Child Abuse Registry check

A personal application tracker, describing each of the three steps, is available here. You will find this a handy reference as you go through the process. We also have a flowchart here that will show you the process in graphical detail.

Part 1: Block Parent Application

To apply for Block Parent membership, please download, print, and complete the application form, and mail the completed application to:

R3L 0M8

The application form is available here. Depending on your connection speed, this may take a few minutes. The application is in PDF format.

Part 2: Police Record Check

The Police Record Check can be done online. Winnipeg Block Parent Program has purchased credits to allow current and new Block Parent members to complete the record check at no cost to you. When your police record check is done, please share the results with the Block Parent Program of Winnipeg.
Please note that every person in the household 18 years of age or older is required to complete the Police Records Check and the Child Abuse Registry form.

1. Click on this link to go to

2. Click on “Perform Personal Police Records Check”

3. Create a personal account and fill out the application form. Make sure you indicate that you are applying for Winnipeg Block Parent membership. You will require a scanner or digital camera to complete the application as identification documents must be submitted with the various applications. Under some circumstances, the Police Record Check may require an additional level of verification (a Vulnerable Sector Search) because of similarities in personal information; this additional stage will require fingerprinting.

4. Share the results with the Winnipeg Block Parent Program when they become available to you.

You will require a printer/scanner to complete the application, as identification documents must be submitted with the various applications.

Part 3: Child Abuse Registry Check

Winnipeg Block Parent members are required to complete an  application to the province’s Child Abuse Registry. This application may be made by completing the CAR application form mailed to you from the Block Parent office or by filling out a copy of this form that is provided to you electronically by clicking here.


1. Every member of the household 18 years and older must complete the Child Abuse Registry (CAR) form and the Block Parent Application.
2. There is no charge.
3. Please date and sign page 1 of the CAR application form.
4. Complete page 2, section B only.
5. When complete, return the form to the Block Parent Office at the address above

For further information about the CAR application, you may visit the Government of Manitoba site at this address.

Would you like to know more about us? Here is a link to a Block Parent brochure in English or French.

Click here for a free copy of Adobe Reader


Follow this LINK for information on the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the Block Parent Program of Winnipeg Inc.

Updated Jan 2022