Incident Reports
MARCH 2012 – Hastings School Area: A lady was lost and went to a Block Parent home because she said she felt comfortable in doing so after she saw the sign in the window. The Block Parent gave the directions that were needed and the lady went on her way to her destination.
APRIL 2012 – Ryerson School Area: Around noon a female (age 13/15) got into a fight with a friend. She lives in a group home and her parents live out of province. When she left her friend, she noticed a Block Parent sign and went there for help, as she was bleeding from numerous cuts on both arms (some would require stitches). The Block Parent gave her a wet warm towel to wrap her arms. The girl asked to be driven to a hospital and didn’t want the Police or ambulance called. As the Block Parent couldn’t take her, a neighbour across the street volunteered to take the girl to the hospital.
MAY 2012- Hastings School Area:A man on a bicycle was trying to get an 8-year-old girl to come to him. The Block Parent was diligent and went out to keep an eye on the situation. When the man saw her he quickly took off on his bike, and the child was OK.
MAY 2012 – Laura Secord School Area: A young boy came to a Block Parent home. He had lost his house key. He didn’t know his phone number or address. The Block Parent managed to ask the right questions, found out where his father worked, and called there. It turned out that his sister had come home in the interim, and the Block Parent was able to send him on his way. “I was very glad that he had my home to come to!” noted the Block Parent.
May 2013 – John M. King School area: A chid was running down the street with a speeding car pursuing him in reverse. The BP offered him shelter. The car occupants got out of the car and uttered threats against them, but did not come onto the property. They were intoxicated and continued to utter threats. Once they were told the Police were called they swiftly left. The boy got home safely and the parents came back to thank the BP’s. They were recent immigrants and were actually planning to move from the neighbourhood. The boy said he was returning from the local convenience store when the car began to chase him and he had no idea why he was being pursued – he was very distraught. In any case, he turned to the BP home because he saw them in the yard and the BP sign.
June 2013 – Voyageur School Area: Two young boys- ages 10 or 11 – were riding their bikes in the rain. They stopped in front of a Block Parent home as one had trouble with his bike. The Block Parent saw this from his window and went out to help. The boy had his brakes jammed and the pedal of his bike fell off.The Block Parent took the boys into his garage out of the rain and put the pedal back on and fixed his brakes. The boys contacted their parents and then rode home.
May 2015: Two children came home from school and had lost their key. A neighbour, who had seen the Block Parent’s sign in the window the previous day, brought them over. The older of the girls had a phone number to contact an aunt. They waited on the Block Parent’s front porch until the aunt came to pick them op. They were later seen being dropped off at home.
October 2015: a Block Parent volunteer witnessed a young boy being hit with a gym bag by an older boy in the area of John De Graff School. With the safety of the younger boy in mind, the Block Parent® volunteer stepped out to intervene, at which time the young boy ran away. It was then discovered that the two boys were related. No serious injuries occurred. No emergency personnel were contact or involved. We would like to thank our Block Parent® volunteer for their caring and work they had done.
February 2016 – Norquay School Area: A woman found a little boy aged 2-3 years old lost at 10:30 PM and brought him to a known Block Parent® home. The Police were called and the child was returned home.
January 2018 – Prince Edward School Area: On the morning of January 27th – 2 young girls saw the Block Parent® sign and came to her door. They had come into the City for a concert and were staying at a relative’s home. They ran from the home in the early hours due to being sexually assaulted. While walking in the area they saw the sign and went there for help. The Block Parent called the Police who came and got the girls.

July 2018 – Emerson School Area: A Block Parent® called the police pertaining to an elderly person in her late 70’s with dementia. The lady came to the Block Parent® home looking for a person late this evening. When told that the person didn’t live there, she walked away and went to the neighbour’s yard who were away on holidays. The police were called. When they came they found her curled up in a ball in the neighbour’s parked car in the back yard. The Police were able to locate her residence and she was returned home safely.

January 2023 – Mulvey School Area: A female, age late 20s, came to a Block Parent® home in the evening because she had seen the Block Parent® sign. She asked to call her mom, as she was locked out and freezing. She declined a call to the police or paramedics. She was given a phone to call her mom and given food and warm gloves. She left shortly afterward.