Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act

The Block Parent Program of Winnipeg, Inc. is obligated under the above act to inform our Block Parent Membership of the use, storage, and disposal of personal information previously submitted to our organization.

Personal information submitted on your Block Parent application is used by the Block Parent Program of Winnipeg, Inc. for contact purposes to maintain accurate membership records and by that Winnipeg Police Service for the purpose of periodic police checks. Disclosure of your personal information to a third party without you expressed consent is not permitted.

Completed Block Parent applications are secured at our office at 466 Gertude Avenue and membership lists are made available to our Block Parent School Community Chair people for annual updates.

Upon notification that you do not wish to participate in the Block Parent Program, your application is shredded and your personal information is erased from the Block Parent membership database. The Block Parent Program of Winnipeg, Inc. may be contacted at (204) 284-7562 (phone / fax), by mail at

Block Parent Program of Winnipeg, Inc
466 Gertrude Avenue
Winnipeg, MB.
R3L 0M8

or by e-mail: bppw@mymts.net