President’s Message

Block Parent® Program of Winnipeg, Inc.
Postponed Annual General Meeting
President’s Report    
 June 2022

Greetings to our Block Parents®, both new and long-standing members.

Once again, our Annual General Meeting has been postponed, due to Covid-19 distancing and gathering restrictions.  Our hope is to meet in-person in March 2022, for an overdue recognition of our volunteers and update of program operations.

Due to the restrictions, we have not been able to enter schools for in-person safety presentations.  We are, instead, offering virtual means of sharing the Block Parent® message.  We have connected with schools in Winnipeg to be added to their existing online mediums, as schools continue their efforts to be contactless.  Not all school divisions have responded to our requests, but we will continue the conversation to get them all on board.

We currently have 426 Block Parent® homes.  We have had 8 new homes approved with 2 pending.  We have approved 23 re-screened homes, with 10 pending.  Our office staff, Jan Swayze, and volunteer, Geri Jarvis, continue to update the school lists and member contact information, as well as stay in touch with our School Chair people across the city.

Our new Block Parent® applicants and renewals continue to use the easy online record check system.  Each online check costs the Block Parent® program $5, which is an added expense, but we believe it will allow us to recruit and retain more volunteers to the program, as it shortens the amount of time an applicant must attend our office.

I would like to thank our current Board members, who have brought their passion and experience to the table.  Even though a few of our Board members have moved on to other things, they have left their mark on the program, and I thank them for their commitment.  We look forward to recruiting new members to the Board, with fresh new ideas.  All are welcome.

I want to thank Jan for her dedication to the office operations. A friendly voice answering the phone makes all the difference to an interested volunteer.  I also want to thank Geri and George Jarvis, for their continued commitment, volunteerism and tireless efforts.  Your knowledge of the program is invaluable, and I thank you for sharing your insights, as the Block Parent® program continues to grow.

I thank all of our Block Parent® members for their commitment to this crucial community safety program, and I look forward to seeing everyone in-person soon.  Take care and thank you all.

Wanda Prychitko
Block Parent® Program of Winnipeg, Inc.